January 19, 2008

the meeting of the four mosque-keteers

the four mosque-keteers met up last night. there was a need to, ever since three of them were informed about the new happenings by the one who attended to the board. so shocked they were, that the youngest mosque-keteer scorched her ears with all the vulgarities that were flying around.

people were mad and disgruntled with the injustice of it all. the major hypocrisy of it all.

however, life has to move on. and the four mosque-keteers made plans, amidst the smoke and the seafood spread on the table.

the four mosque-keteers want to save the world.

jeng jeng jeng..

January 14, 2008

what's up with peaches

"u know what
peach can mean nice and bad things u know
ang moh call their darlings peaches
but if u juz put peach, it refers to the woman's vagina
so u better be careful"

and so goes the education of the duchess, courtesy of a nice (i think) guy, who sounded uncharacteristically brotherly *giggles*.

guess i'm adding 'es' to the nick.

thanks man! *giggles some more*

bright and shiny

i do not suffer from monday blues today. i am clearing my leave days brought forward from last year. two weeks of bliss. after this, it'll be another 3 days of work at the House, and then i'll be gone for good =D

again, the idea of that sparks mixed emotions. oh, well.

spent my morning doing docent duty at sultan. i have missed that a lot. i stopped when i was busy with ramadan stuff at work, and the projects did not abate post-ramadan. so there was i, leaving the sultan people wondering whether i was still interested in helping out.

docent duty at sultan is not the same as hosting goodwill visits at the House. at the House, i will usually have to take the role of the sole informer, presenting the visitors the roles of religious institutions here, what mosques aim to achieve, the common practices of, and the misconceptions about, muslims, and doing q&a. on some days, it can be quite a one-way thing.

at sultan, it is more intimate, more personal, to me. visitors- tourists, mostly- will come, and it is not so much of imparting info than it is a sharing session. i do not quite like flooding them with information on pillars of faith and such. those are merely the practices, and i do not want them to think that we muslims are regimental, and islam is all about do's and dont's. i believe that there is more to the religion. i prefer to let them know how we live islam here in this country; how we hold on to our values, and try to stay relevant at the same time.

what i get in return is priceless. the visitors would share their experience, opening for me the windows to their life back home. we would then swap stories, debate on education systems and talk about what's hot in the papers. priceless moments, all of these. and more often than not, i would end up with their name cards and email addresses.

wish i could do this full time. what is in store for me, i wonder.

but i do know what i'm gonna do now. finish my assignments, that is. two more to go.

saturday, and then it was sunday

let me tell you about my recent weekend.

saturday saw me in class from morning. class was good. i feel that i shared a lot, and gained a lot. many of the others were hanging onto my words, but i guess that was normal, seeing that i'm the only one in the class trained in social science.

received a lot of sms's too. one was from the imam, informing me about an activist who was having an emergency operation. the name didn't sound familiar, and since the class was very engaging, i put away the sms, thinking that i'd get back to it and ask who the guy was.

another was from alil, asking me about the subject matter of my uncle's lessons.

back to the first sms. during the lunch break, a colleague called to update me on the activist's status. jamaludin of the sms was actually cik jamal. he collapsed at work. and his prognosis wasn't so good. i was shocked.

after class, there was the farewell dinner, to bid adieu to the 4 of us who left the workplace for a -hopefully- better future ahead. it was fun, the food was good, and the company was superb. but cik jamal was always on our mind.

rushed to gleneagles right after dinner. it was about 9pm when we reached there. he was out of the operation theatre, held in the icu. he was still. his pulse was week. and the machine was breathing for him. his lifeline. his tearful wife, looking very weak, and brave, was with him throughout.

sunday, and cik jamal was gone. the news did not come as a shock, even though i was hopeful before.

he was a good man, with a big laugh, and an even bigger heart. always willing to listen, always willing to land a hand.

it is still fresh in my head, how i used to nag at him, a heavy smoker that he was. he took it good naturedly. what an irony this is, with all the chaos about the four of us leaving the place -two have gone, and me with another colleague still serving the one-month notice - it is cik jamal who left first.

he was 47. survived by a wife and 3 children.

he was a good man. Allahumma fashhad.

Lord, grant him your Forgiveness, your Mercy, your Compassion, your Blessings. Amin.

January 9, 2008


them words touched me. thank you every one. i seek your prayers.

may the new year bring us new strength, energy and courage to mould, nurture and inspire.

thank you.

January 7, 2008


it is very very hard to stay positive.


January 4, 2008

burn midnite bright bright

not gonna sleep tonight. new school term starts tomorrow. assignments are due.

drank kopi. good for staying awake. ain't good for my tummy.

gonna discuss about the future of my studies tomorrow.

January 2, 2008


we like to think time stops when we stop. that will be an indicator of how important we are. it doesn't stop, of course. and the world moves on.

the show must go on.

i met some of the probable few who may keep the show going. and i get to give my input, say what i think. weird, weird feeling.

anyways, yesterday was a roller coaster. woken up by GiGi, with fauziah the thai babe on the line. she was in town! she was recruited as an emergency tourist guide for a group from bangkok. so met her at the budget terminal, and we ended up hanging around at t2, before sending her off at t1.

met dr b, who reminded me about my assignments. *sigh*

me gonna take leave for that.