August 27, 2008

sup daging pertama

i am learning that marriage is a work in progress, and that it is a non-stop education.

and today, i cooked lunch for the first time ever in my aspella =D sup daging. goosey came home for lunch and was very generous with his compliments. and after he left for office once again, i took my inflated ego to bed for my afternoon nap =D

still feeling uncomfortable. tummy acts up from time to time. but i'll have to go back to work tomorrow.

now's time to cook dinner. we finished the whole pot of sup daging =P

August 21, 2008


i just finished a HOPE mentoring session. i love HOPE. it makes me feel good everytime i see a HOPE client. i feel like they are trying to live up to the name of the scheme, and trying to make the best out of their marriage, which i find, well, hopeful.

looking at their smiling face, i wouldn't have known that the couple i just saw were having problem, until it all came out during the mentoring session. but i love the fact that they were laughing together, and were very supportive of each other. now i'm all gooey inside and smiling myself, and wishing that things will go well for them.

may tomorrow be as good for me as today.

August 19, 2008

just another day in the office

watched the dark knight with goosey after work yesterday. used the free movie tickets we got when we shopped at bugis junction last month. it was a 9pm show at kallang leisure park. a very big, quiet place. we played guitar at the arcade while waiting for the movie.

show ended at 11.30pm, got home at midnight. by the time i dragged myself from bed this morning, it was already 7.30am. goosey had to iron his own shirt while i was in the shower.

still feeling very sleepy. been slacking at work, talking to ida and pai about yesterday's national day rally. maternity leave's extended to 4 months! kinda makes me feel excited about having my own baby =D and from there, our conversation goes to talks about vacation and ovulation. tsk tsk.

i am fasting today. my last day, before the next ramadhan. and i'm kinda excited about that too. will be a new experience this time around, celebrating it with goosey. and i have been told that we could all leave work at 5pm since we won't be taking the lunch hour. what bliss!

but for now, it's back to work.

August 18, 2008

more about adjustments

people have been asking about my new aspella, and why i haven't uploaded the pics after renovation is done.

the truth is, there's no way of taking a pic without showing how my blue room has been turned into a storage area, cluttered with boxes packed with knick knacks from our previous life.

goose and i have decided to take it easy on furnishing the house. we have this shared sentiment about spending within our means, and that credit cards are for emergencies and absolute essentials only. of course, this means the house is only sparsely furnished, but that's fine with us.

we've been getting our furnitures from IMM, picket & rail and barang-barang. my bedroom's the only place that is fully furnished. and before eid, insyaallah we'll have shelving for our household shelter so that the blue room can go back to being a bedroom.

looking back, the only think we splurged on is our 42" full hd lcd tv from harvey norman. goosey's idea, of course. oh well, it could've been the 50" one..but thank God i got there in time to stop him.

i am enjoying my house. goosey's calling me his weekend housewife. am still adjusting to all of this.

time really flies.

and my best buddies are celebrating their babies' first year already. imagine that. my friends, mommies, all of them.

i still have no idea if i am ready to be a mommy so soon.

August 15, 2008

and the sun was till up there..

a bit more than 100 days into this new life, for the first time ever, i was home before 7pm on a work day!

6.30pm on tuesday, and 6pm..6pm!!..on wednesday and thursday.

those days were so precious to me, coming home on my own and seeing the school children just leaving their schools, and more than an hour before the sun set.

i had time to do the dishes, take in the dry clothes before it got cold, do grocery shopping, put my aspella into order and cook dinner.

now i'm back at work. i've been thinking how unhealthy it is to reach home when it's all dark outside and having so little time to make a home.

and i owe the 3 blissful days to my superiors of course, who sent/ agreed to send me for training that ends at 5pm. very good sessions i had, and i tried to be a very good sponge, learning techniques in couple counselling. at least i am now better prepared for the intensive caseworks that will surely come my way. never mind that the training adds to my anxiety about my own relationship =P

have i mentioned that i cooked dinner? and the last time i checked, pigs still can't fly =D