September 25, 2008

25 on the 25th

today's my birthday =)

goosey's planning somthing for me after work, and is very secretive about it. am meeting him at bukit gombak mrt station, and we'll be driving straight to the super secret birthday celebration location =D

the day has been good so far. brader recited some prayers for me, as well as for ri and aab for their return to work. and of course, the inspirasi tradition of making birthday babies earn their presents =D i was made to answer a 'know-your-colleagues' quiz. got 4 out of 5 questions correct. not bad for a newbie to the hub.

and i got a bag from them! i lurrrrve my birthday gift! =D i think i'll be taking it along with me tomorrow for the f1 race.

*sighs happily*

to think that i thought today's gonna be bad. alhamdulillah, it wasn't =)

packing my stuff now. work can wait til tomorrow.

September 24, 2008

pre-raya ramblings

my aspella is in a mess. goosey and i haven't got down to cleaning it yet. as it is, i have not finished baking kuihs yet.

we thought we will start with the cleaning this weekend. kind of a tall order, considering that we will be too tired from watching the f1 race on friday.

on another note, i made lasagne. am so blardy proud of myself =D i cooked for myself and goosey, and he liked it =D

have to get back to work now. i really am not an event manager. *sigh*

September 8, 2008

3 am and typing

i am still up, burning the midnight oil, finishing a proposal. my bad, really. i am a chronic procastinator.

so here i am, lying in bed awake and typing away at this hour, while goosey sleeps peacefully beside me. had to tuck him in, cos he was adamant about waiting up until i finish my work.

i shall need coffee later to help me keep awake in the office. i really hope i do not have pmc later. it will be a difficult 3 hours, trying to stay alert while the brain is trying to shut down.

ramadhan's going beautifully for me so far. and i've curtains for all my windows now =D shall put up the pics on my multiply site soon.

and now, it's back to work..

September 2, 2008

ramadan reminisce

been slacking in the office since an hour ago, right after i got back from fsc. i lost steam. paper works can wait til tomorrow.

and i've been blog hopping to while away time. been reading up on what have been going on in the lives of the girls from hogwarts. makes me miss all those days back in school all the more.

ramadan has always been good in hogwarts. there would be food everywhere near maghrib, with throngs of students splurging on more food that they could actually consume for break fast. and the echoes of live azan has always been a winner, signalling the end of fasting for the day and calling people to prayer, as the sky slowly darkened leaving the towers to be illuminated by the lights around the campus.

wish i could be there now. i am soooo missing hogwarts.


September 1, 2008

Ramadan Kareem!

here's wishing you a merry merry Ramadan peeps!

may all our good deeds and abstinence receive the blessings of Allah and rewarded a thousandfold.

and i am so excited about celebrating it with goosey! =D