June 27, 2008

what i miss most

oooooh...i'm missing lots and lots.

not that i'm not happy with what i have now. guess i'm coping, but it's all weirdly interesting.

61 days after, there has been aspella, phuket, ps2, psp slim & penang.

and a personal chef.

not too bad huh.

there are the down moments too. but haven't there always been down moments in life? i'm coping. or at least, trying to. ain't easy, i tell you.

unmet expectations. oh, what frustrations they bring.

i'll get by, God willing.

but weirdly interesting life aside, i am sooooo missing a lot. i'm missing nights under the sky, with the full moon beaming down smiles, and stars adorning the vast, dark canvas. i'm missing the lights, twinkling as my lone, long walk takes the rhythm that is beating in my ears.

i miss white snakes, and the company i usually have as i sit there dreaming. i walked pass the place earlier today, after i settled some work stuff. and i couldn't help wishing that time could rewind.

and i miss my family =(


adjustment is tough.

it would feel very nice to have a bit of my old life back.