September 25, 2008

25 on the 25th

today's my birthday =)

goosey's planning somthing for me after work, and is very secretive about it. am meeting him at bukit gombak mrt station, and we'll be driving straight to the super secret birthday celebration location =D

the day has been good so far. brader recited some prayers for me, as well as for ri and aab for their return to work. and of course, the inspirasi tradition of making birthday babies earn their presents =D i was made to answer a 'know-your-colleagues' quiz. got 4 out of 5 questions correct. not bad for a newbie to the hub.

and i got a bag from them! i lurrrrve my birthday gift! =D i think i'll be taking it along with me tomorrow for the f1 race.

*sighs happily*

to think that i thought today's gonna be bad. alhamdulillah, it wasn't =)

packing my stuff now. work can wait til tomorrow.

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